Welcome to ConneXions

A Community Based Art School

Helping You Grow

Our main goal is to develop every student’s hidden skills and talents to help them grow to be future professionals in their chosen field of Art and/or Profession.

Arts at ConneXions

At ConneXions, all students engage in their chosen field of Art daily.

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Connexions Graduation

Celebrate the achievements of the class of 2020 and commemorate their graduation with Connexions.

About Connexions

A Community Based Art School

Since 2002, ConneXions Community Based Art School has been a pillar the community. Through Art integration and rigorous academic programs, ConneXions is continually breaking down educational barriers allowing students to reach their highest potential.

COVID-19 Update & Resources

Baltimore Teacher Network (BTN) joins the global community in responding to the coronavirus pandemic. Our first and foremost priority is to keep our students, teachers and staff safe in this difficult time. We encourage everyone to follow the advice and guidance of local authorities regarding sheltering in place at home and reframe from going outside as much as possible. When it is necessary to go outside; we encourage everyone to wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as face masks and plastic disposable gloves. We also recommend practicing social distancing when going outside of the home by keeping at least six feet away from people. Lastly, we encourage the washing of hands as frequently as possible and reframe from touching one’s face. These measures will go a long way in slowing and possibly stopping the spread of this deadly virus.

BTN’s offices and schools are closed however business continues to be conducted through online communications and through virtual classroom learning for students. Should you have a need to contact BTN feel free to email us at: info@btnetwork.org. Together we will get through this pandemic, let’s do all we can to keep each other safe.