About Us


Located in the Hanlon - Longwood Community, on the former William H. Lemmel campus. ConneXions is a middle and high school serving the Baltimore community. From its humble beginnings as a small charter school serving only a single 6th grade class, ConneXions has grown into a middle and high school with a student body of over 450 students and saw its first graduating class in 2010.

What We Offer

Aside from rigorous academics, ConneXions boasts a host of electives that include Performing Arts like Drama, African Dance, Modern Dance, and African Drum in addition to the Visual Arts of Painting/ Drawing, Printmaking, Design, Audio Visual and Photography.


  • Project and inquiry-based curricula written by teachers

  • Performance assessment system featuring promotion by exhibition

  • Affiliation with the Eubie Blake Cultural Center, Leadership Institute, the Coalition of Essential Schools, the Baltimore Urban Debate League, Clayworks, the Algebra Project, and other organizations

  • Student Life

  • A small, personalized school promoting humane and holistic education

  • Enrollment of 425 students in grades 6-12

  • Class size of 15-20 students; staff to student ratio 1:18

  • Lessons are taught through the Styer-Fitzgerald curriculum.

  • Arts

  • Daily classes in visual, theatre, dance, West African drum production media, and martial arts

  • Traveling Repertory Company in dance, theatre, and West African drum

  • The Department of Art at ConneXions offers a tradition of imagination, thought, skill, and achievement in the visual arts

  • Special Education

  • Dedicated to ensuring that students with special needs are accommodated before as required by State Law

  • Department works around the clock to provide support to students in the classroom and with school life in general

  • Lifeskills

  • Prepare our students for life after high school to make their transition successful

  • Lessons include money management, cooking, hygiene, job readiness skills, travel, daily living and how to make important life decisions

  • Student Support

  • Ensure students have the physical and mental health support to promote their academic success

  • Our staff is trained to help students with any daily concerns and academic challenges by means of direct intervention and meetings with parents and teachers

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